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News: Nigeria @ 57 - Melaye Congratulates Nigerians, Urges Sacrifice, Overhaul Of System

News: Nigeria @ 57 - Melaye Congratulates Nigerians, Urges Sacrifice, Overhaul Of System

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Press Statement:

Sunday, October 1, 2017.

Nigeria @ 57: Melaye Congratulates Nigerians, Urges Sacrifice, Overhaul Of System

I congratulate my fellow Nigerians and Nigeria on this auspicious occasion of our 57th Independence Anniversary today. It is not by mistake that we have been together as one nation since January 14, 1914 and a nation-state since October 1, 1960 but by a divine design to fulfil the purpose of the Almighty God.

Our country is not blessed because of its name today save for the abundant, industrious, ingenious, resilient, and productive human resources it has been endowed with, hence the people's legitimate hopes and aspirations must not be dashed by the leadership class, which I belongs to.

For the avoidance of doubt, what Nigeria at 57 and Nigerians need today is a responsible leadership at all arms and levels of government - Executive, Legislature and Judiciary at the Federal, State and Local tiers of government, which ultimately will engender good governance for the benefit of all and irrespective social and political classes.

It has always been my belief that no Nigerian Senator or House of Representatives member is distinguished or honourable as the case may be until ALL NIGERIANS are distinguished and honourable in their day-to-day living. I therefore call on all political office holders including myself to sacrifice for the less-privileged to live a worthwhile life in the spirit of this independence anniversary.

Also, the Federal Government of Nigeria, as it is today and given emerging sundry agitations in the country, should quickly heed to the voices of reason by giving attention to the most genuine concerns being expressed by our people wherever they may be. While the government itself need to look inwards by rejigging itself and putting the round pegs in the round holes especially in the area of managing our national economy, for efficiency, transparency, and more result-oriented initiative.

Above all, let's remain united as one people, one nation and one destiny. Let's promote and cherish peace in all parts of the country even as we pray for ourselves, leaders and government in order to achieve the visions of Nigeria's founding fathers.

I call on all Nigerians - the masses, the very people for whom we are holding political power in trust - to put the leadership of this country at whatever level on its toes by demanding for good governance, probity and accountability at all times from us as a right, and I promise on my own part to continue to provide the needed representation for my constituents in Kogi West senatorial district of Kogi State at the National Assembly in particular and the nation at large as a federal lawmaker.

God bless our country Nigeria!

God bless the masses!

Happy Independence Anniversary Nigerians!

Senator Dino Melaye
Kogi West

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