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Company to train women on gemstones, jewellery business

Company to train women on gemstones, jewellery business

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By Gabriel Ewepu
ABUJA- AN Abuja based company, Mina Stones, has disclosed that women
will soon be trained on gemstones and jewellery business to empower them
and make them major operators in the mining sector.
Chief Executive Officer of the company, Lotana Egwuatu, made the disclosure
while speaking on the maiden African Gems and Jewellery Exhibition and
Seminar scheduled for October in Abuja.
Egwuatu who is also a co-convener of the programme said the time has
come for Nigeria, particularly women to be leaders of the gemstones and
jewellery business in the country and Africa following a whole lot in the
gemstones value chain that are beneficial and life transforming.
She said it will be the first Gem and Jewellery seminar and exhibition in West
Africa, which about 1000 companies will be at the event, including exhibitors
as well, and they are working with associations on ground, and still reaching
out to more of them.
She further stated that the event will be a platform, where the industry is
brought together, and for awareness creation because people are yet to know
about gemstones production and export in the country, and there is no
registration cost for the event.
According to her the export potential and foreign revenue exchange from
gemstone at the international market is huge, because the demand is high
internationally, which the United States of America, USA, is the currently the
largest consumer of gemstones in the world spending over $2 billion on
She said: “The market for gemstones and jewellery globally is huge so this is
an opportunity for Nigeria to finally get that force where we are known for
specific gemstones like the Mambila Sapphire, Nigerian bearing tourmaline,
and we also have some very good quality gemstones that we find here
including granite and all of that.
“At Winners Stones what we do is to source for materials locally from
different states in the country, and we employ people who work for us in
cutting and polishing gemstones, some market for us, there are people who
bring gemstones from the mines for us.
“The market is new in Nigeria because people don’t know we have these
things here. We have to explain to people about gemstones. Most of my
clients are based of word of mouth which has been effective so far, but the
market generally, we noticed that Nigerians don’t respond very well because
they don’t know that these things are actually here and could be done here.
“We are the only company doing this for now. Our company trains people and
if there are people who are interested to process gemstones and make
jewelleries we train people on that.
Gemstone business
We encourage a lot of young women to come into the gemstone business, but
there are women in it already but more women should come in. Majority of
people in gemstone mining are women and majority of gem dealers are men.
When you go to the mines you see young ladies mining.
“We are also creating awareness about gemstone business. We are putting
together something for women within the ages of 18 and 25 and also for
widows as well. We also consider those women involved in various social
vices as a way of taking them out of the streets and making them useful to
themselves and society.
“We are ready to work with any organization whether government or private
that wants to partner with us and are ready to get ladies off the streets we
are ready to partner with them.”
Meanwhile, explaining further on the gemstones and jewellery exhibition and
seminar, she said, “The intent behind this event is to create a platform, where
we can bring together gemstone professionals, miners, gemstone processors,
jewelry makers, and sales professionals. It is a whole industry that has
anything to do with gemstones and jewellery and it is a whole value chain.
“We are creating a platform where Nigerians and West Africans can bring their
products that are from here to sale and attract people from outside come in
and say these are gemstones polished and made from Nigeria. This will make
the producers to be exposed by pushing out our own local gem dealers.”

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